Event designer (noun): Stylist, florist, set builder, producer, planner and craft enthusiast all in one package.

We love to listen and then to build.

We take care of the hassle. Materialise your vision. Add the ideas. And bring to life the party you’re searching for.

We never seemed to come across many wedding & event stylists before we started. No chance encounters socially - ‘Hey, I’m your friendly local wedding stylist!’. Maybe that’s a good thing, since learning it all on the go has been like watching a great film without seeing the trailer first.

Looking back, we realised that we didn’t completely understand what a stylist brought to an event, the many hats we would wear in our work. The lack of a definable job description! Possibly we didn’t meet any stylists previously because they were all too busy - busy crafting, planning, designing, building. One day you’re weaving macrame backdrops, the next you’re painstakingly sawing out an intricate wooden centrepiece after a 4am trip to the flower markets. Piecing together colours, textures, lighting, space into a beautiful whole. Designing and planning events with the kind of detail usually found in a Baz Luhrmann film.

So what is it, exactly, an event stylist does? We fairly regularly run into the misconception that it involves placing a couple of vases on the table and scattering a few petals around. Add a feature chair here, an industrial lamp there, and job done. Now, while we love a well-placed vase, the reality is what we do is entirely up to your vision for the day. Some people want something small and intimate, others the big, bold party. We take the space you’ve chosen, and turn it into yours. We don’t just park the same few things in different settings. We don’t do the same thing twice.

The main thing is that the party is a reflection of what you want it to be, that you and your guests are in a space to remember. Whether you have a clear, bold vision, a couple of pinterest images, or no idea whatsoever - it’s our job to discover what would make you go ‘wow’, and bring that to life for you. Whether that’s florals, custom arbours, bold backdrops, light displays, an indoor bush glam campfire setting (true story) or anything else you can dream of - within our unfairly talented team and local network we’ve got the resources to create it.

Wild Blue Studio Owner Maddy


Flower princess, styling queen, creative force, tea enthusiast. Passionate about the C's- Crafting, Cooking, Chocolate and Chai.
Also known as the blonde one.


Style master, planning master, kung fu master (ask her). Specialises in tracking down hard to find props.
Loves talking, collecting treasures, redesigning rooms, and wombats.
Also known as the little one.

Outdoor Corporate Event Dinner Styling Wolgan Valley Resort


Great parties begin with a great space. You can have the most interesting group of people, sit them in a room and watch what happens. But put those same people in an intriguing, exciting space? That’s when the magic starts. When it becomes a real party. When it turns into something to share, treasure and remember.

Floral Platform Arbour Petersham by Wild Blue Studio


The right flowers make a room smile. We choose carefully to ensure the flowers match the overall look and style of your event. Whether your preference is the classics or something out of the ordinary, we will create an eye-catching and unique arrangement for you.

Stylish Lunch Table Menus by Wild Blue Studio


There's no pre-packaged templates here. From the simple to the luxurious, we can design and produce a range of visual materials exclusive to your event, including signage, logos, save the dates, invitations, table menus, name cards and anything else you can think of.

Triangular Wooden Arbour with Floral Display


We're blessed with a professional network that means we can quickly track down most of those hard-to-find items that perfectly complement your day. However, often unique items are best custom-built. From creative arbours and backdrops to sets, lighting, signage and installations, our ridiculously talented construction team can build the stand out feature that makes the party uniquely yours.

Hand woven macrame backdrop


Not all features call for an engineer, electrician or a carpenter. We've hand woven light fittings, pulled together macrame arbours, laced thousands of teabags into a hanging display and extended a beautiful client artwork to form a 5-metre woven backdrop, to name just a few. One of our favourite parts of the job is sewing, weaving, painting, glueing, cutting and tying together a bold new idea.

Black and White Contrast creative table styling by Wild Blue Studio


That's just a few of the things that go into bringing your event to life. There's the months of planning, the weeks of playing, the days of labouring. Talking with other creatives and like-minded people. Hunting down the particular ingredients for the recipe of your day. Most of all, there's getting to know you and what would make you go, 'Wow!'.

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